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American Pressure Point Self Defense System

Master Moran's Instructional Toe Kicking Series

Toe Kick DVD #1
In this tape, Master Robert P. Moran will take you through the basics of training your foot for pressure point toe kicking. This is the first tape in the only instructional pressure point toe kicking series in the world. It is a great companion to our Toe Kick Training Tape #2, Kenpo Foot and Leg Attacks Made Easy and Supercharging Brazilian Jiu Jitsu with Pressure Points: Leg Attacks tapes.

Toe Kick DVD #2
In this tape, Master Robert P. Moran continues his presentation of toe kick drills including the proper use of liniment and (no kidding) bowling balls and cinderblocks in training. See Master Moran repeatedly kick dents into a car door and a metal folding chair with his toe that look like they were put there with a ball-peen hammer. Also, see him break boards with his toe kick and, as a bonus, bend a machete with his throat. The approximate running time of this tape is 33 minutes.

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