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American Pressure POint Self Defense System

Instructional DVDs

Street Fighting with Kata
In this tape, Master Robert P. Moran illustrates how kata can be used in actual self defense situations. Kata is true karate and true karate is kata. The techniques used in point sparring are for sport, not real self defense. Indeed, the rules of sport karate ensure that no one is ever seriously injured! Further, kata are not dance-like series of movements, often set to music, that are only performed at tournaments and belt tests, but a master's set of of killing and maiming techniques (i.e., his method of fighting). This tape is approximately 60 minutes in length and will start you on the road to understanding of the true meaning of kata and of karate.
Pressure Point Street Fighting
On this tape, Master Robert J. Moran demonstrates a large number of techniques for effectively attacking many of the pressure points in his system. He also includes some techniques for utilizing pressure points against an opponent attacking with a knife. This tape is approximately 105 minutes long and is a great companion to Master Moran's twelve-tape series on pressure points. It is also a great companion to Master Moran's Toe Kick Training Tape #1 and Toe Kick Training Tape #2, as many of the techniques shown involve toe kicking.

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